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Oral Health

Foods for Great Oral Health

We tend to feel vulnerable with our comforting foods when there is a celebration, loneliness, or sense of boredom. However, we seem to neglect the fact that the food we eat might significantly affect our oral health. Focusing on the… Continue Reading…

Oral Hygiene

Flossing your teeth

Flossing has long been considered an important ritual to maintain optimum oral hygiene. However, experts observe that only about 30 percent of us floss on a daily basis. Those who don’t floss conveniently point to studies that show little scientific… Continue Reading…

Oral Health

Things your mouth tell you about your health

Did you know that problems with your teeth or gums may hint at deeper health concerns in your body? If you think skipping your regular dental cleaning isn’t a huge deal, you’re wrong. There is a strong correlation between dental health and… Continue Reading…