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Gum Disease

Symptoms and treatments for gum disease

Have you recently noticed a speck of blood in your sink while brushing your teeth? Gum disease can cause bleeding, which is one of the early indicators of the condition. Gingivitis is a mild form of the disease. Only your… Continue Reading…

Gum Recession

Treating Gum Recession With Grafting

Gums are designed to cover the roots of your teeth and protect them.  They do so by creating a seal against the surface of the tooth to prevent the intrusion of food and bacteria.  Food and bacteria can cause plaque… Continue Reading…

Gum Disease

Causes of dry mouth at night

In today’s busy life, it’s more important to get proper sleep on a regular basis. Waking up in the morning makes us feel refreshed and ready to tackle a new day. However, nobody likes waking up with a dry mouth…. Continue Reading…