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5 Myths About Teeth Whitening

5 Myths About Teeth Whitening

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful smile with white and shiny teeth. That’s probably why tooth whitening is becoming the most popular cosmetic aesthetic dentistry procedure. However, making the decision of teeth whitening could be quite challenging.

There are a lot of tips and advices to whiten your teeth, however, there are some misconceptions too that can inhibit you moving forward for whitening of teeth.

Myth 1: Teeth whitening is unavailable for sensitive teeth

Many people believe that teeth whitening causes pain and sensitivity during the procedure or afterwards. It may be true if a strong whitening solution or gel is applied.  A weaker solution may be fine for those who have prior sensitivity issues.

Myth 2: One teeth whitening procedure is all you will ever need

While teeth whitening is believed to last for a long duration but with the daily consumption of staining beverages and foods, along with the natural aging process itself, the likelihood of teeth remaining white is quite low. For best results, touch up appointments are generally recommended.

Myth 3: You can whiten crowns and fillings

If you already have crowns and restorations prior to your teeth whitening procedure, then you can expect unevenly-colored teeth afterwards, as crowns and other corrective materials never respond to teeth whitening.

Myth 4: Whitening toothpastes are same

Some whitening toothpastes and gels contain chemical agents that can remove additional stains from your teeth effectively. They contain hydrogen peroxide to lighten the color of the teeth. While these whitening toothpastes can lighten the teeth color by about one shade, prescription teeth whitening conducted in our office can make your teeth three to eight shades lighter.

Myth 5: Baking Soda is a Safe Teeth Whitening Solution

Baking soda is not an ideal whitening treatment. It may whiten your teeth and remove plaque or stains, but it can possibly trigger your oral health problems.

These are just some of the many teeth whitening myths that are making the rounds. To make sure you’re getting the facts right, visit or ask teeth whitening near me for any consultation before starting any whitening treatment on your own.