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10 Reasons For Bad Breath

Bad breath is a persistent problem for many people. It can make them self conscious and feel embarrassing. It can also take a toll on their self-esteem. A person is on a good side if there is no foul smell wafting whenever he or she speaks or breathe. Around 30 percent of the total world population is suffering from this very common and distressing ailment. Chronic bad breath can be embarrassing and unpleasant.

Bad breath usually originates in the Mouth by millions of bacteria thriving in a moist environment, making it stinky. The surfaces of the tongue and the tonsils can trap the food particles and enable the bacteria present in the Mouth to produce bad breath odor. The cause of bad breath isn’t always obvious, and it’s difficult to identify the underlying problem behind that foul smell. To get rid of this stinky breath, let us understand some specific causes of bad breath.

Poor dental hygiene, as no surprise, is the most common cause of bad breath. Skipping the regular flossing and brushing leaves behind bacteria feeding on the particles of leftover food in the Mouth. These bacteria create a foul smell after eating. Likewise, food trapped between dentures begins to rot and cause smelly breath.

A low-carb diet,  commonly known as a keto diet, consists of a reduced amount of carbohydrates. The body makes energy by breaking fats instead of carbohydrates, producing fatty acids. These fatty acids turn into acetone and cause bad breath, often described as fruity or sweet-smelling.

Dry Mouth occurs when saliva flow reduces. Saliva neutralizes acids and limits the growth of bacteria. Salivary gland problems and breathing through Mouth can also cause dry Mouth, which ultimately increases the likelihood of bad breath.

A variety of medical conditions can cause bad breath, especially Mouth and gut diseases like tonsillitis, sinusitis, and acid reflux.  Other health conditions, such as lung infection, liver, and kidney diseases, are some of the common sources of bad breath.

Smoking or consuming tobacco products increases the risk of many serious diseases, including cancer. Smoking causes bad breath by reducing the flow of saliva and promoting gum diseases. Apart from bad breath, tobacco can stain the teeth, irritate gums, and impact the ability to taste.

A cup of coffee in the morning contributes to the stinky breath in the Mouth. Most of the people are crazy about the flavor of coffee, but coffee consumption has its side effects too. Caffeine reduces the saliva production and enhances the growth of bacteria causing dry Mouth and bad breath.

Certain medications, prescribed or over-the-counter drugs, come with the side effect of dry Mouth. Dryness of Mouth reduces the production of saliva, enabling the odor-causing bacteria to grow.

Another culprit of bad breath is alcohol consumption. Excess drinking of alcohol causes a decrease in saliva production, causing bacteria to flourish.

After eating some of the common and popular foods which contain onions, garlic, certain vegetables, and spices, odor-producing substances enter the bloodstream and proceed to the lungs, causing the breath to smell.

Bad breath is a common but treatable issue. Masking bad breath by gums and mints can prove to be only short-term relief, but it is not a cure. Getting to the root cause is key to getting rid of bad breath. If your problem persists, schedule an appointment for a proper evaluation. We will assist in treating your foul smell and help you regain a fresh and confident smile.

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